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Meet the Author.

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I have un-bashfully taken the road less traveled, to research and study and to ask the most perplexing questions of our generation.


My journey started about sixteen years ago, when I began to question the prevailing theories of our existence. Like many college freshmen, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do; but I spent many hours engaged in independent study. It didn’t seem like anyone was offering a course of study which integrated my biblical foundation with the scientific world. It was either one or the other, either the bible or science. Then a series of events reinforced my growing desire for the concreteness of my faith. I didn’t become a doubting Thomas, but felt that the world needed the nail scarred hand.


First in 2001, I purchased my first home at the age of twenty three. This house and its story I later realized was one miraculous example of divine guidance. A few years after purchasing the home, the former owner came to visit. They missed the home and wanted to see how it was doing. Apparently the house was once part of one of the affluent Jewish communities, the previous owner was the Rabbi of the old synagogue which now houses my church. The rabbi was now dead but his wife and their son who is also a rabbi returned home to find the old home still resting on the Sabbath. KODAK Digital Still CameraThis beautiful home was also endowed with a very large library and it was precisely this challenge to fill the empty shelves, which triggered my hobby for book collecting. Later, I stumbled upon a book which changed the trajectory of my life forever. It was


Timothy Ferris’ World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics

It was not so much the contents of the book, but the cover. Here were all the genius’ who had ever discovered, invented or in some way dramatically influenced the developing worlds’ ability to function and compute itself; but no one on the cover looked at all like me. They were mostly European males and I couldn’t understand why not a single black person had made enough of a contribution to be featured on the cover. This begun my digging into the history of science.


Then my daughter Victoria fell ill in 2002 and died in 2004; so I decided to study premedical sciences to prepare for medical school. During my first semester back at school a year later, I encountered an English literature professor who worked very hard to prove the evolutionary theory through literature. We studied Stephen Crane’s Open boat, Hemmingway’s Soldier’s Home, among the writings and thoughts of others like Nietzhe and Darwin to illustrate this concept of a world evolving from the childish and romantic idea of a benevolent God to an aged and matured generation of realists and pragmatic thinkers. Marafino would end every one of his rants with the question, Ask yourself if there was truly a God why would he let all of these children die next door of cancer. How could he have known, that I had just lost my daughter next door at the very hospital in question and to cancer.


I considered his constant pondering as a challenge for me to finally explain my faith on his pragmatic terms.

In 2007 after paying the fees for graduation from Capital Community College, I couldn’t imagine where to turn to complete my journey; so I decided to finish my independent research. I never imagined that the process would have lasted as long as it did.

In 2009 after completing my training and certification at the highest level of management for a Holiday Inn Hotel, I realized that the energy and time required to manage a full service property and raise three children would leave no room for writing.

It was a very difficult decision, but the more I dug the deeper the well and eventually the search became addictive, my thirst for answers was unquenchable.

Then Richard Dawkings, wrote a book which compiled the stories of many ancient people and civilizations. Dawkings intended to draw the similar conclusion of a world advanced beyond the need for myths; but even with my limited work in the sciences and after reading Tim Ferris’ entire treasury of scientific knowledge, I could see all of these stories as metaphors of scientific conclusions. The indisputable and irrefutable correlation between science and our ancient legends led to the completion of The Science of Sacred Scripture.

Then I began my research into history and found even more revolutionary evidence. I discovered that the  terms from Webster’s original dictionary (pre-emancipation 1850) were altered. Shakespeare’s moor from the 16th century was intended to represent a prevalence of Africans in the EMERGING European population. Beyond Shakespeare the presence is so incredibly superfluous that the simple change of term, so that moor originally defined as “Black people from North Africa” then became redefined as Arab. But these minute discrepancies were like bread crumbs left on an arduous trail, the end there of, is an entirely new story- Our Story like no one has ever told it before. In June 2018 I hope to release my latest book “The Negus,” it is a chronicle of the African American journey through out history before and after settlement in the Amharicas.

Now fourteen years after Victoria’s death I’ve honored her life and journey by pouring my heart, my soul and the essence of my being into finding this Blue Print.

I finally graduated from Central Connecticut State University in December 2017 with a Bachelors in History and a minor concentration in Anthropology. My ultimate goal is to complete my PHD in an interdisciplinary field between anthropology and theology, to revolutionize our education system.

I come before you bare and transparent, but divinely appointed and educated, chiseled by the refining fires of life’s struggles.


Before the backing of institutional scholarship, I always labored to ensure accuracy and irrefutable integrity in my work.

You can reach me at or leave your email and contact info in the subscribe area. This will allow me to contact you and keep you updated..

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A long War

When the confederate flag came down today I felt like I had been transported back in time, with the battles for civil rights still fresh in mind and the two sides still negotiating the terms of peace. In some ways the war was never over, this is a war as old as man, it is not a race war, as you may have been led to believe, it is a war of good over evil. The losers are those who are filled with hate. They are always sitting quietly on the sidelines planning new attacks, recruiting new soldiers and building a new army. Today we can learn from the past and recognize these seeds of destruction, hate, bigotry, greed and selfishness, inequality and brutality before they spring into full grown wars, and acts of terror. familiar facesEven Hitler was once a beautiful and innocent baby.

As Americans we must continue to be guided by our bidding creed, that all men are created equally. We can march forward in the faith that the battle is not ours; so that once we fight on the side of righteousness, equality, justice, love, peace, common wealth and happiness, No weapons formed against us shall prosper.



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20 Signs that you are succeeding.

Carol Morgan’s piece needs little enhancement except, I and many people of faith say  #15 as everything happens for a reason. Figuring out these REASONS allow us to make changes and always turn any disappointment into a blessing for the next time.

#20 (You are Happy) is my favorite, but she over simplified this one I think. For the past few years I lived like a hermit, no one could  claim to have had a lengthy conversation with me in the past 5 years. I was abrupt and to some extent, I still have this extreme sense of urgency which has shut everyone out. I was exhilarated by a mission that I alone could thoroughly understand and yet my family and friends stood by and supported me through it all. Today I am happy, not because I have accomplished all of my goals but because I can see them materialize, even if they haven’t yet. I have internalized all of the promises which have been made to me and I can visualize them coming into fruition. Today I don’t wake up with a long list of things I need to accomplish, but a simple question has supplanted my lengthy prayers.


Each day I ask:

What do you need me to do for you today lord? I’ve realized that there is nothing that we can truly achieve in this life for ourselves. That our mortality is simply an alternate version of eternity. God resides in the perpetual continuity of life and each of us contribute to it. On a finite scale I am aware that what I am here to contribute to the whole is all that matters.

So when the answer comes I turn my attention diligently to this request and I am so HAPPY: because I am instantly aware that the simplicity of this task may require but an hour of my twelve. The rest of the day is mine and I am freed in the promise that the righteous shall not be forsaken. I will not be begging for bread, and everything will be added to me in due season.

Happiness is a realization, that everything is already in order.


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Commit your life to doing the right things.

Tyrese Gibson has the message for this month. Change your surroundings, find positive influences and make the tough choices to be happy.

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Design Your Life

305419_238545876195665_715985511_n (1)We grow up learning the basics about arithmetic and alphabets to understand how to manage numbers and words but we never learn to truly manage life.

What does it mean to love God, to believe, or to have faith. For so many these cliches are just that. I believe that we must design our lives. We must have patterns and plans which all have one purpose, “Fulfillment.”

My design for my life has saved me, so I will share it with you.

First: I remember to live my life as if no-one was watching. This is soo liberating, because the decisions I make for my life never have “what will other people think” attached to it.

I don’t feel the need to pretend that everything is perfect, if it is rotten I’ll let you know. When things are bad I call it as it is, so my friends and family know, I will not cover it up.

Second: I have faith. What does faith mean. Well traditionally, we have thought that faith meant if you believe you will see; but I’ve discovered that faith is truly the evidence of what you haven’t seen.

If you think about what happened yesterday, there is a memory. Maybe you lost someone or spent time somewhere. You may not have access to this person or place in your present time, but you can access that experience through your memories. The future is just as accessible. You go to bed anticipating the rising sun, why. You wake up “expecting” one thing or another and access these things without realizing that this too is simple faith. If you relax a little bit, you realize that your future is just as accessible. Then you start to live at peace within the rhythm and cycle of the anticipated events.

Now let’s get to the design part.

Money is only symbolic, it is used to supplement faith, so you believe that you will buy a million dollar mansion, because you “have” a million dollars; but what if you didn’t “have” a million dollars. Then the future reality would be so incredible, that it would build in your present tense a state of faith. How much money you have does not dictate anything else, but your confidence in what you do. So I never make any decision based on how much it is going to cost.

I believe that “If God is for me no-one can come against me.” That no weapons formed against me can ever prosper and that every disappointment is truly a blessing. So I don’t try to push myself anywhere. I have lived happily for the last 5 years without a monthly pay check or any type of government assistance. Somehow I believe that God wants me to be somewhere or do something and it is always like crossing the Red Sea. I live by faith and that is more than millions of dollars.

So this is my life, Like my home, my garden or my closet. I try to imagine how things should fit. I start with all the good things I need to keep around especially people.

Some people are unfortunately weeds. I pull them out, others just don’t fit with my style.

Finally: Faith relies on honesty, so all the other steps can fall in place. You must acknowledge the future good or bad. If you’re worried about what people will say, they’re probably already saying it. If you’re worried about anything at all your biggest fears will be realized. Because worry is faith, it is your confirmation that what you will experience in the future isn’t going to be positive. You have the opportunity in the present to confront it. Relax and make the future what you want to see. Find the people who will help realize it with you, because reality is nothing but an agreement between people.

Now design your life, think of all the beautiful people in it who complement the life you want to live. Think about the way you want to live and then try to find the where. You are God’s vessel on the Earth. He wants to be happy at peace, in love, in good spirits. He can not worry about anything because after all he is God. Let go and let the master of the universe direct your path. No matter what you’re facing it’s not the end of the world.

Be happy and use caution when pulling out the weeds.

In case you haven’t realized I love music; and this is my latest obsession: Why you gotta be so Rude. Relax