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17 thoughts on “The SOSS”

  1. Proud of you for a job well done for delving into deep study by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to bring about this remarkable book (“like you said it will blow you away”) into existence which will bring more light on science and the sacred scripture.

  2. This is a message to the admin. I believe that you may be onto something here, but there is no avenue in traditional science for this. You may have to start with christian or religious organizations. I hope this helps, happy new year!

  3. Do not go for a third gear way to describe it is the way Musical Harmony e’er spoke roughly it before, keep in judgement that loanword is silent a typed out exploitation like a promissory note not a concrete theoretical concept.

  4. I’m astounded to find that society has had this same dialogue forever and just when we think God or the bible is dead another rabbit pulls out of the hat.

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