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The Science of sacred Scripture outlines the evidence of the intelligence which designed our system of life. The book provides a universal code for deciphering every science.

The bible says that “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” This statement is applied to what we know of heaven, earth and the historical description of God to determine the accuracy of what we now question “that God created it.”

There is one law involved in every process of creation and repeated in every part of it. This law is that everything begins as a seed which encapsulates the essence of the being only requiring time, and an infusion of energy to develop according to its design. If the bible is the seed of life we should expect that every part of life, our history, our present and our future has been written in there and we need only unravel it.

The Biblical tower of Babel represents more than a confusion of our literal languages, and religious understanding, but a separation of our understanding of these laws; so that chemists, biologists and theologians understood their fields separately. Scriptural science unravels a cosmological world view which reveals the interconnected nature of life. With a full comprehension of the biological beginning of life, we are able to determine an astronomical beginning consistent with biological patterns. One code forms a wave which ripples through every phenomenon and takes science to an advanced level; where our biologists can see the cosmos as one living organism and our cosmologist can identify nuclear fusion with a microscopic lens in the differentiation of cells.

Genesis 1 is the code which relates to every living thing. It has been termed the “Blue Print for Life” because everything in the universe shares the same formulated beginning. The “days” of the formula relate to timing and stages based on the kind of life being created.

In humans, 6 days represents only one stage of our development. It is the completion of the cellular stage where the differentiating roles have been assigned. (Differentiation is the change that a cell undergoes to develop from an unspecialized to a specialized state.) Thus in 6 days we would not expect to find a baby, but the ‘beginning’ of a person his seed and microscopic model of ‘who’ he will be. Then from this stage the command is simple to “be fruitful and multiply.” And after continual multiplication of differentiated cells we finally achieve a human being.

The basic terms of the bible are literally translated into scientific term so that we can understand the bible scientifically. One verse relates to an infinite number of concepts and so light as an example has several meanings, when applied to biology, it relates to the eye and mind, in genetics ‘the body plan,’ in chemistry it may refer to mass or ignition in philosophy it may simply mean understanding or direction. In terms of perception almost imperceptible as a light touch.

The code is then reliably translated into any science, as the master key to deciphering all the information of the universe.

Also by divine inspiration the scribes were caused to revere the name of God, which would have served to personify him. This gives us the ability to define the various roles of “God” scientifically as a directing force within life. In genetics he is the organizer responsible for directing the orders for the body plans or designs. In chemistry we understand that the biblical definition for the spirit of God is the same as the scientific definition for energy, thus the 7 spirits of God are the 7 periods of energies in the periodic table of elements. Then we can assume a cosmological picture of the beginning of our world consistent with the model given by the creator himself. One which tells us that in the beginning God created heaven and earth, from a vacuum of dark energy and in a big bang like explosion, there was light ergo the ‘beginning’. This description may be vague but clearly predicted the failure of the static universe first proposed by Einstein.

Once we translate the bible into scientific terminology we arrive at Biblical Science and the Blue Prints for Life. This translation appends the seemingly vacuous description of the beginning by infusing the seeded and simplistic form of genesis with our understanding of its terms in science.

It is the science of the sciences found in the code in Genesis 1 which extrapolates the fundamental principles of what we call the universe.

The science of the Holy Scriptures, study’s the correlation of scientific facts with the historical records of our ancestors. It traces the development of “the Word” as spoken to priests and prophets in the Bible’s book of life, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Hindu Vedas, and the West African and Native American stories among others to find a connection between principle and precept and the common theme which connects them all. God is one in all of us.


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  1. still waiting for answers

    1. So sorry, I receive nearly a hundred comments daily and less than 10% are actual comments; so it takes quite a while to filter spam from actual questions. The origin of man is discussed on this page: https://theblueprintsforlife.org/blog/2014/03/ this provides a clear sequence of events, let me know if this is helpful.

  2. I’m More confused because I learned in Catholic school that adam and eve were our foreparents but how we look so different in such a short space of time.

  3. People as we know them, pre European Neanderthal contact. Some stayed and populated and others migrated east, north east and west into other areas of Africa. Then northwestern toward the Middle East and Asia, then to Australia (arguably via a straight like that which connected Asia to the Americas or on boats, rafts. Remember land masses were much closer together and ocean/sea levels much lower.) then man as we know him reached Europe around the same time Afro/Asians were crossing the Bering straight from Asia to the Americas. And in Europe Homo-sapiens met the Neanderthals. Whom of course they were in conflict with and obviously mated.

    1. One thing I can confirm is that all the information that we are provided with in traditional education is intended to take us down a straight path with the underlying thesis that man evolved from apes to negros then to whites. Scientific and historical FACTS actually disprove this theory. The bible was devised to provide us the coordinates of historical time. So the water levels were lower before the flood. The raised sea level is what we correlate to the biblical narrative for Noah. Then the tower of babel implies a distinction of genetic languages i.e. races. SO the theory that man developed lighter skin as an adaptation to the climate is extremely bogus and most importantly, no scientist will actually say this. We have been allowed to fill in the blanks with our own ideas but scientist know that this is wrong and scientific evidence actually disagrees with this. Fact is according to the bible and science man lost their pigmentation as a mutational response to pathogens. It is called a plague in the bible. The book of Leviticus actual develops as God enables the Jews to counteract this plague. Numbers 12:1-10

  4. So my question is if there was one man and one man in the beginning, then how long ago did this happen. How long has man walked the earth. How many years were there before Christ. I googled it and found 4012, don’t know if that’s accurate but I ran with it. That would mean that man had been in earth for 6002 years, give or take a year or two plus the years that Jesus lived. But we know it took a lot longer than that for the continents to divide and get as much separation as we know it today. With that being said man populated the whole earth. And if god created man, and Adam and Eve were the first man and woman, is it possible that he created more people, and put them in different places of the earth. Is it possible that in 6000 years that two people generated the worlds population that exists today.

  5. Everyone should read this!! This is GREAT Stuff. I especially love the way you UNSCRAMBLE the GENESIS CODE. When I read this I remain speechless. I wish everyone would get the thrill that I get when they read this. WOW!!!! All I need now is a copy. Great Work.

  6. Sherma
    Your work is crucial to our survival, and that of our students, staff, parents and larger global communities around the world.
    Your Herstory versus past His-story needs to be told. Our global community must be enlightened by your work!
    Your mission is to create the mindset that allows us to recycle (reroute) our learning pathways so that we can make new pathways to the truth.
    There is so much to tell and so much to do, yet so little time to make up for so many misguided directions and choices.
    Greatness awaits your arrival

    1. Thank you so much for all your support!!! I am eternally grateful.

  7. Check out His MPhil dissertation taken at the Department of War Studies, Kings College London. British Infantryman in the Far East 1941 45. He has previously written Warrior 66: British Infantryman in

  8. La lecture est un autre grand passe-temps de la mine, et il va fondamentalement main dans la main avec l’茅criture. J’ai lu pour le plaisir, et j’ai lu 脿 apprendre, mais moins que ce soit un manuel scolaire, je suis g茅n茅ralement avoir tellement de plaisir 脿 lire que je ne me sens pas le 茅tude que je fais ainsi. Je n’ai pas de genre pr茅f茅r茅 脿 lire, mais la premi猫re all茅e, je regarde dans les magasins de livres est la science-fiction. Mais, je ne laisse toujours pas d’un roman de science-fiction. Je v茅rifie toutes les all茅es et consultez tout ce livre semble int茅ressant. J’ai beaucoup de genres de romans dans ma biblioth猫que et pas assez de mois dans l’茅t茅 pour les lire tous.

  9. Right here is the perfect blog for anybody who hopes to understand this topic. You know a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that I personally will need to…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a subject that has been written about for years. Great stuff, just wonderful!

  10. Great work!

  11. Ive Never learnt something like this before. So nice to find any individual with some authentic ideas about the bible. realy thank you for starting this up. this website is something that’s needed on the web, somebody with somewhat originality. helpful job for bringing one thing new to the web!

  12. I got a copy of this book and I am amazed.

  13. This is not as simple as you say, but very very interesting.

  14. This is incredible science, I can see how a professional in these fields can work with your ideas. Send me an email, you may be onto something here.

  15. I have been following your ideas from Carivap, you are an inspirational person; but you say very little about yourself.

  16. R u kidding! this is as deep as it gets. The miracle is simple and I have found them, great work

  17. lots of sci-fi stuff here, wuz expecting some deep secret.

  18. If you want not have to lieu best mental picture, betting was that she’d be hoping the reader would turn out to be –…

  19. This appears to be some new stuff, pretty deep.

  20. Is this taught now in any christian or religious schools?

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