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This list is updated continuously; as I find new and interesting references, that may help students and researchers with their revision of History. Most of the references are those found in my books. The style is neither MLA (ModernLanguages Association) or APA (American Psychological Association) but IPA, (IP) Internet Protocol. Most of these sources are books now in public domain and have been archived by google. This reference format makes it very simple to find the sources cited in my books online.


What could have possibly been in those books which were burnt and buried.

The truth behind the World Wars.


Hitler’s attempt to destroy all evidence of black history.

Monument men 1

Monument men 2

North African invasion page 219

Africans in Europe

Genetics on race and skin color from the American association for physical Anthropologists The Link to Official article requires a subscription






Jul 17, 2013

Europeans Less Genetically Diverse Than Africans.htmRemoved
Did You Know?

The history of the Masonic Lodge

The African Masonic Lodge is a year older than the United States. Founded in 1775 in Boston, African American Prince Hall gathered members for the association of Freemasons of African descent when they were denied membership in the fraternal order that colonial white Americans had chartered. African American Freemasons in Hartford met with the New Haven Lodge until moving into its own building.

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  1. What gets me is that people such must have such a dogmatic need for homosexuality not to be genetic. Since 1992 or so the Baptist General Conference said:
    We believe that a homosexual orientation is a result of the fall of humanity into a sinful condition that pervades every person. Whatever biological or familial roots of homosexuality may be discovered, we do not believe that these would sanction or excuse homosexual behavior….
    You never know. >60% of environment contribution could be Satan’s work.

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