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Redefining Religion


The Science of sacred Scripture redefines religion from simply a form of worship, to a form of connecting with the universe.

Russian Philosopher Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy defined it best by stating:

“It is impossible for there to be a person with no religion (i.e. without any kind of relationship to the world) as it is for there to be a person without a heart. He may not know that he has a religion, just as a person may not know that he has a heart, but it is no more possible for a person to exist without a religion than without a heart.”

If religion defines our connection to our world then our comprehension is associated with how we have developed and understood this connection. Some scholars say that our intellectual foundation and comprehension would be entirely metaphoric. The complexity of our thoughts is based on associations which we make with words, meanings and the variety of properties which these meanings can be ascribed to. These metaphors are more than literary devices, they are conceptual in nature and represented physically in the brain because cognition is grounded in physiological experience.  Higher mathematics is also grounded in the body and embodied in metaphorical thought and not based on abstract laws.

An early people in an unfamiliar place encountered a greater level of abstraction and could thus only define the world about them in terms of their immediate connections to it. They were probably less distracted and completely engrossed in observing and learning about their new world. Primitive people had to explain what they observed with a fraction of the knowledge and experience that we have today. Their stories are just as relevant as our observations.

Thus the seed establishes the common themes of all religion as varieties of form originating from one source.

The last of the prophets are the scientists. Scientists emerge as the religion not satisfied with the, “God did it” answer. Their entire faith rests in the belief that we can know “How,” that we were designed to ask, knock and seek and to be like our creator, possessing the knowledge of creation.

If Faith is the evidence of the unseen (Heb 11:1) then our collective faith reveals our unseen God through scientific evidence.

To the extent which science is defined by a pursuit of truth, then science in itself, is a spiritual endeavor, with the goal of directing us to the vision and knowledge of who we are. Scientists like the Apostle Thomas require substance, but are no less followers than Peter or Paul. It is with Faith in a design we seek and find substance.

One misconception about atheists is that they are a no master, no God faith. According to Nikolayevich Tolstoy such a faith is not possible.

While Christians have Jesus and Muslims Mohamed Atheists have Darwin. Atheistic doctrine simply depersonalizes the creator by deflecting the genius and intelligence behind creation to natural phenomenon. To many atheists, evolution or “Luca” is God a miraculous chemical concoction stirred by chance which coincidentally evolves into great intelligence.

A pen cannot write on its own so we have to find a way of defining the writing without identifying the writer. This has been successfully done by substituting God and creator with words like evolution, nature or the universe.

These are personified as if they have a mind all their own. Evolution created this or nature invented that.

[1]Since mammals and birds cannot afford to let their internal temperature fall even slightly, they need insulation to keep warm. Fur and feathers are among the finest insulating materials that nature has devised….”

Their creation story starts the same but says that in the beginning [2]Bubbles of goop gave rise to a living, functioning cell, the Universal Common Ancestor of everything alive today—LUCA.

Every organism runs on the same operating system that LUCA created. The conductors of this biochemical ballet are the proteins, Nano-size building blocks and machines that control the speed and timing of every reaction. From breaking down sugars to clearing waste to repairing the membrane, the unique shape of each protein determines its job, as specifically as a lock to its key.


So to the atheist evolution, nature, the universe or Luca is God. Luca created the genetic code which every living thing from bacteria to plants and animals use to reproduce their offspring.

The names are changed but the story remains the same, we are essentially saying the same thing in different languages. Now we can translate all the languages through one medium the Biblical Code.

The story concludes today with the evidence that Life requires preeminence and an intelligent loving God has created it. A message clearly understood in any language.

[1]The Animal Encyclopedia by the Smithsonian titled Animal page 66.