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Let’s start from the begining, a tour inside Our story.

The bible says that Adam the first man, was created and then placed in

The Garden of Eden 10,000-4000 BC

Noah’s Flood began in Northern Europe about 8000 years ago but continued rise in water hit the black sea region and a series of catastrophes resulted in a rise in world wide sea levels.

This led to a series of floods including;

The Black Sea

Submerged settlements in Israel’s  Atlit-Yam

and finally reached North Africa, where archaeologists confirm an ancient rise in water levels around this time.

The overall message is significant. Africans are systematically erased from their own history and it is a price which we have generously paid for liberty. This fear of combat has removed the African identity from every single post in history, but there is no where else to run.

This is the end of the story. It is time to take back the right to tell our story, the truth. This can’t be an underground movement, we can not continue to teach our children that they descended from apes. It is time to change our curriculum, and rewrite those books. We must break down the superficial barrier between races and tell the story from the beginning.

Now we can all tell our own Story, and the truth will finally set us free.