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Travelling Museum of Egyptian History.

I had an experience a long time ago which really brings the feeling of watching this exhibit home. I was out of my house for long periods of time, when a family member who initially came to visit decided never to leave. During my long absences this family member who was much older than I, became very comfortable; so comfortable that she seemed annoyed when I came home. I felt that I was a visitor in her house and because of her age and my tragic custom of respect for elders, I came home always trying to stay out of her way. Tried to lock my self in my room as much as I could, but then one day I came home and my bedroom had been redecorated.

When people BEGIN to encroach upon your space they reveal a lack of respect for you. They will not be comfortable with some of what you have, even when they have more than you do. It is as if you are not worthy to have anything.

I watched the students as they examined the 3000 year old pictures still with brown paint and the hair still braided but could not identify that these people from Africa were Africans. Many wonder what is the big deal, but what if Africans invaded London, find a way into the monarchy and begin generations later to pose as Queen Elizabeth or one of the royals from this century. There is something quite indiscreet about this. We have to learn to be concerned for our own history, because this is where the future begins to take shape.

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  1. Inspiring story there. What happened after you told them? Good luck!

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