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What is wrong in my Life

229154_186044778112442_5538587_nFirst of all that list is too long. I have no money in the bank, too many bills to pay. So many things to do and no time to do them. Issues with my kids’ school. Wish I could change some things about my husband; but for everything that is wrong, there are many things which remain right. I’m alive and in my right mind with all my original hardware intact. No matter what happens in my life I carve out 30mins everyday to sit with myself to thank God for the gift of this day. Then I ask him to direct me, to what he wants me to do for him. He is the greatest boss and the most graceful professor. Whatever my assignment, I remember that I’m not there for anyone else but God. I shine even in the most gruesome situations because I know that noone placed over me is truly over me. I’m happy because I am aware that the amount of money I make does not matter, because he has promised to sustain me. I am relaxed because I have no care in the world. Not one, because he has asked me to cast my burdens onto him. People observe your peace and wish they could have it. It is free, it is everyone’s for the taking. Once you learn to do that, your life radiates with divine energy.

Say THANKYOU to God and if you have a friend who you love share the message with them.

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The Power of Prayer.

School_Lunch_PrayerOnce upon a time we gave grace in school for our daily bread.

Many people of faith, get a small dose of the word in a once a week sermon; so we don’t all know the power of prayer and our role in bringing the kingdom of God to Earth through it. Intercessory prayer is the most powerful. It is where God blesses you AFTER you have successfully prayed for someone who he has inspired you to pray for. If someone’s name, or image keeps popping up in your mind, don’t call them PRAY for them. Reach out to God in their name, lift them up as a beloved sister or brother. In this process whatever they are experiencing will be elevated to a heavenly realm. This is the reason we must make meaningful connections with each other, because the thoughts of everyone you’ve ever met in your life go to God about you negative or positive. But when all these people bow down to pray for you. There is unspeakable power. From June 6th to the 9th, I will need my friends to pray for me, to intercede for me, to have me on your mind and to take the the time to get down on your knees and pray for me. If you can, please sign my guest book, and also indicate, if you would like to do this for others, on a regular basis.

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Today I learnt Humility and the courage to admit my flawed humanity.

There is a person that God wants me to be and then there is the person that I am. Success is a daily journey towards what God wants. Hopefully neither of these people are the same as the person I was yesterday. Only God remains the same yesterday, today and forever because he is perfect. Because we aren’t perfect he asks us to daily check ourselves. Listen to our critics, not just our friends. We don’t have to tailor our lives to the ideals of others, but we have to learn to love others and so we must value what they say. Today I learnt Humility and the courage to admit my flawed humanity.

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Sean Hyman’s ‘The Biblical Money Code’

Can the bible actually help us make better investments?

Well, in June of 2008 when I asked my husband to quit his 20 year job, cash in his retirement fund and start something new, I was acting on divine guidance, but not really the bible. At the same time, my grandmother was storing flour, rice and other staples because her religious leader preached that it was the time to do. Fast forward to September and the market crashed. I do believe in patience and waiting on the direction of the Holy Spirit. I also believe that we are the generation to finally attain the wisdom which Adam and Eve traded eternity for. There is no limit to what we can do with it.