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Everyone has their audience

My motto is that, Everyone has their audience!

I come from a small island of only 200K people and I believe that if Obama would have gone up against the prime-minister in the last election he would have lost. I can just imagine what people would have said.

Co yankee cas a sortir? Ki mon y kwe y ye?> Translation: Where did this Yankee come from and who does he think he is? Obama would probably have been able to scrape by with 10,000 votes; but in the US around the same time he became president with millions of supporters.


Rejection is not the end of the story, it is the beginning. If you have faith in your mission, and it is inspired by divine providence. NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST YOU CAN PROSPER. Find your audience, these are the people who you are intended to touch. The only recipe for success is perseverance.

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  1. I also believe that God uses man as the head of the church and family.If women around the world believed they were beautiful. Also it proves that if there are favorable conditions, the women in this part of the world can play major role in the development of the society as well as country.

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