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The Power of Prayer.

School_Lunch_PrayerOnce upon a time we gave grace in school for our daily bread.

Many people of faith, get a small dose of the word in a once a week sermon; so we don’t all know the power of prayer and our role in bringing the kingdom of God to Earth through it. Intercessory prayer is the most powerful. It is where God blesses you AFTER you have successfully prayed for someone who he has inspired you to pray for. If someone’s name, or image keeps popping up in your mind, don’t call them PRAY for them. Reach out to God in their name, lift them up as a beloved sister or brother. In this process whatever they are experiencing will be elevated to a heavenly realm. This is the reason we must make meaningful connections with each other, because the thoughts of everyone you’ve ever met in your life go to God about you negative or positive. But when all these people bow down to pray for you. There is unspeakable power. From June 6th to the 9th, I will need my friends to pray for me, to intercede for me, to have me on your mind and to take the the time to get down on your knees and pray for me. If you can, please sign my guest book, and also indicate, if you would like to do this for others, on a regular basis.

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