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Design Your Life

305419_238545876195665_715985511_n (1)We grow up learning the basics about arithmetic and alphabets to understand how to manage numbers and words but we never learn to truly manage life.

What does it mean to love God, to believe, or to have faith. For so many these cliches are just that. I believe that we must design our lives. We must have patterns and plans which all have one purpose, “Fulfillment.”

My design for my life has saved me, so I will share it with you.

First: I remember to live my life as if no-one was watching. This is soo liberating, because the decisions I make for my life never have “what will other people think” attached to it.

I don’t feel the need to pretend that everything is perfect, if it is rotten I’ll let you know. When things are bad I call it as it is, so my friends and family know, I will not cover it up.

Second: I have faith. What does faith mean. Well traditionally, we have thought that faith meant if you believe you will see; but I’ve discovered that faith is truly the evidence of what you haven’t seen.

If you think about what happened yesterday, there is a memory. Maybe you lost someone or spent time somewhere. You may not have access to this person or place in your present time, but you can access that experience through your memories. The future is just as accessible. You go to bed anticipating the rising sun, why. You wake up “expecting” one thing or another and access these things without realizing that this too is simple faith. If you relax a little bit, you realize that your future is just as accessible. Then you start to live at peace within the rhythm and cycle of the anticipated events.

Now let’s get to the design part.

Money is only symbolic, it is used to supplement faith, so you believe that you will buy a million dollar mansion, because you “have” a million dollars; but what if you didn’t “have” a million dollars. Then the future reality would be so incredible, that it would build in your present tense a state of faith. How much money you have does not dictate anything else, but your confidence in what you do. So I never make any decision based on how much it is going to cost.

I believe that “If God is for me no-one can come against me.” That no weapons formed against me can ever prosper and that every disappointment is truly a blessing. So I don’t try to push myself anywhere. I have lived happily for the last 5 years without a monthly pay check or any type of government assistance. Somehow I believe that God wants me to be somewhere or do something and it is always like crossing the Red Sea. I live by faith and that is more than millions of dollars.

So this is my life, Like my home, my garden or my closet. I try to imagine how things should fit. I start with all the good things I need to keep around especially people.

Some people are unfortunately weeds. I pull them out, others just don’t fit with my style.

Finally: Faith relies on honesty, so all the other steps can fall in place. You must acknowledge the future good or bad. If you’re worried about what people will say, they’re probably already saying it. If you’re worried about anything at all your biggest fears will be realized. Because worry is faith, it is your confirmation that what you will experience in the future isn’t going to be positive. You have the opportunity in the present to confront it. Relax and make the future what you want to see. Find the people who will help realize it with you, because reality is nothing but an agreement between people.

Now design your life, think of all the beautiful people in it who complement the life you want to live. Think about the way you want to live and then try to find the where. You are God’s vessel on the Earth. He wants to be happy at peace, in love, in good spirits. He can not worry about anything because after all he is God. Let go and let the master of the universe direct your path. No matter what you’re facing it’s not the end of the world.

Be happy and use caution when pulling out the weeds.

In case you haven’t realized I love music; and this is my latest obsession: Why you gotta be so Rude. Relax


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What’s in your Eye?

I listened to a pastor preaching the other day about excess and couldn’t help but cringe. First this pastor  and his wife both drive the latest model luxury SUV. They can afford private school for 6 children and multiple vacations a year. They have a chef and live in help for the home and nanny services and his wife has a personal trainer. On the day in question he drives up the street followed by his wife in another vehicle and passes by a poor carpenter on his way to church. As he rolls by the carpenter he glances at the man’s shirt and notices that he is wearing some expensive cuff links. The pastor became so incensed by the man’s attire that he spent the entire sermon on adornment. He even noted that “by the amount people return to God you must wonder if they are not robbing God to flash up themselves.

This man bought his “knock off” links at the Chinese store for only $10.00, but the pastor had seen a similar one at his expensive designer store for about $500. The poor carpenter couldn’t afford a fraction of the luxuries of his pastor, but yet the little he did have was offensive to him.


                                                The Cosmic Eye of God

Sometimes we are so out of touch with the daily struggles of our neighbors; and as I am writing about the pastor I include my self. When I moved back to St.Lucia a few years ago I realized that a poor neighbor would take the city bus everyday for no significant reason. I explained that she could save so much money if she consolidated her trips and made one trip or two each week. She rejected my advice and I immediately reasoned that the next time she asked me for money I would tell her off. After hearing the pastor condemn the poor man I compared myself to him. I didn’t have as much as he did, but I still had much more than my neighbor. After all, I traveled by plane every year and one could suggest that this was excessive too. The point is, keep your eyes focused on what you’re doing. Sometimes we read stories and receive sermons for other people. We’re constantly thinking of who other than ourselves some instruction, condemnation or admonition should apply to. We forget that “Therefore now there is no condemnation,” Romans 8 we forget that: For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall bejudged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.Matthew 7:2

Furthermore be reminded and respectful of the anointing of others. for who can stretch forth his hand against the Lord’s anointed, and be guiltless? 1 Samuel 26:9