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20 Signs that you are succeeding.

Carol Morgan’s piece needs little enhancement except, I and many people of faith say  #15 as everything happens for a reason. Figuring out these REASONS allow us to make changes and always turn any disappointment into a blessing for the next time.

#20 (You are Happy) is my favorite, but she over simplified this one I think. For the past few years I lived like a hermit, no one could  claim to have had a lengthy conversation with me in the past 5 years. I was abrupt and to some extent, I still have this extreme sense of urgency which has shut everyone out. I was exhilarated by a mission that I alone could thoroughly understand and yet my family and friends stood by and supported me through it all. Today I am happy, not because I have accomplished all of my goals but because I can see them materialize, even if they haven’t yet. I have internalized all of the promises which have been made to me and I can visualize them coming into fruition. Today I don’t wake up with a long list of things I need to accomplish, but a simple question has supplanted my lengthy prayers.


Each day I ask:

What do you need me to do for you today lord? I’ve realized that there is nothing that we can truly achieve in this life for ourselves. That our mortality is simply an alternate version of eternity. God resides in the perpetual continuity of life and each of us contribute to it. On a finite scale I am aware that what I am here to contribute to the whole is all that matters.

So when the answer comes I turn my attention diligently to this request and I am so HAPPY: because I am instantly aware that the simplicity of this task may require but an hour of my twelve. The rest of the day is mine and I am freed in the promise that the righteous shall not be forsaken. I will not be begging for bread, and everything will be added to me in due season.

Happiness is a realization, that everything is already in order.


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Commit your life to doing the right things.

Tyrese Gibson has the message for this month. Change your surroundings, find positive influences and make the tough choices to be happy.

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Tribute to Maya

Hey Shema,

At Dr. Maya Angelou’s memorial service, First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech blew my mind. Oprah’s words were phenomenal. Ms. Tyson’s reflections were heartwarming. Lee Ann Womack sang my favorite song, “I Hope You Dance”. Valerie Simpson made me want to shout for joy. But it was something that former President Bill Clinton said that shook something in me. He was talking about her life and all that she had done. All of her books, poems and accolades. She worked with civil rights giants including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He went on and on and then he said, “On her 40th birthday Dr. King was assassinated.” I thought, to myself, “Dear God, she had done all of that by 40.”

I’m 44, I’m behind… LOL. I got so inspired. Her life was such an example to all that you can achieve, whatever you’d like, no matter where you came from. Sitting in that chapel I could hear her voice on my phone as it had been many times. The conversation would always start with “Hello you brilliant man”. She made me light up and feel like I could do anything. That was her gift to us all. And above the beauty of the celebration of her life yesterday, more than anything in that room, what I felt most was her life calling us all higher.

God, thank you for allowing us to have shared this planet with Dr. Maya Angelou.



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What is wrong in my Life

229154_186044778112442_5538587_nFirst of all that list is too long. I have no money in the bank, too many bills to pay. So many things to do and no time to do them. Issues with my kids’ school. Wish I could change some things about my husband; but for everything that is wrong, there are many things which remain right. I’m alive and in my right mind with all my original hardware intact. No matter what happens in my life I carve out 30mins everyday to sit with myself to thank God for the gift of this day. Then I ask him to direct me, to what he wants me to do for him. He is the greatest boss and the most graceful professor. Whatever my assignment, I remember that I’m not there for anyone else but God. I shine even in the most gruesome situations because I know that noone placed over me is truly over me. I’m happy because I am aware that the amount of money I make does not matter, because he has promised to sustain me. I am relaxed because I have no care in the world. Not one, because he has asked me to cast my burdens onto him. People observe your peace and wish they could have it. It is free, it is everyone’s for the taking. Once you learn to do that, your life radiates with divine energy.

Say THANKYOU to God and if you have a friend who you love share the message with them.