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Nazi science has us fighting on the wrong side of an old War?

New reports, try to connect Europeans with a small percentage of Neandertal genes.

For the mass population which does not follow the discoveries of scientists, you may wonder what’s the big deal, but this was my response:

That is the problem with modern science, the “evidence” or the interpretation of it is fluid. There is an ever randomly changing narrative. One which seems to weave its way into the subconscious arguments of race, cultural dominance and politics. It is constantly seeking and evolutionary advantage, a “fitness” or adaptive pro, against the back drop of an archaic big-boned inferior African con. The problem with this narrative, if it is the story “we choose to tell ourselves,” is that there are many gaps in the story. 40,000 ago we were able to survive because of interbreeding with Neanderthals, but the story of evolutionary superiority doesn’t unfold for a full 35,000 years. Until then, cave dwellings, cannibalism, vandalism of advanced civilizations to the point of collapse, illiteracy, unsanitary conditions, plagues and an absence of basic living structures. That is obviously the story these scientists have chosen to ignore. It is quite easy to send us into neolithic, and paleolithic eras away from the very recent past; but the real fitness advantage was a gruesome disregard for order and any moral establishment.

Interesting how history seems to recycle itself and if you wait long enough it will.

As it was said half a century ago: America can be conquered from within. 

Remember the past so you are careful not to repeat it. Civil rights and racial perception are connected to scientific responsibility. It is the fundamental responsibility of any true genius that he/she outlines a clear and concise world view.

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Human Natures: Genes, Cultures, and the Human Prospect By Paul R. Ehrlich

About the time of homo habilis our ancestors evolved a large brain that required cooling.
selection pressures for relatively hairless skin and an abundunce of heat dissipating sweat glands.

Bigger brains require even more cooling. A marked increase in the number of sweat glands and a reduction in body hair could have provided that, Nina G.Jablonski
The birth of our genus has long been a conundrum for paleoanthropologists, to say the least. Only a few scattered and fragmentary fossils older than two million years have been argued to belong to the genus. Then, around 1.8 million years ago, not one but two or possibly even three Homo species appear, mostly in East Africa. The smaller brained, more primitive ones are called Homo habilis, or “handy man,” a name given by Louis Leakey and colleagues in 1964 to specimens from Olduvai Gorge because of their association with the first crude stone tools. Some researchers group a few H. habilis specimens into a separate species, Homo rudolfensis. Then there is Homo erectus (the early African forms are sometimes called Homo ergaster)—larger brained, bigger bodied, more advanced, yet contemporaneous with little H. habilis.

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Let’s start from the begining, a tour inside Our story.

The bible says that Adam the first man, was created and then placed in

The Garden of Eden 10,000-4000 BC

Noah’s Flood began in Northern Europe about 8000 years ago but continued rise in water hit the black sea region and a series of catastrophes resulted in a rise in world wide sea levels.

This led to a series of floods including;

The Black Sea

Submerged settlements in Israel’s  Atlit-Yam

and finally reached North Africa, where archaeologists confirm an ancient rise in water levels around this time.

The overall message is significant. Africans are systematically erased from their own history and it is a price which we have generously paid for liberty. This fear of combat has removed the African identity from every single post in history, but there is no where else to run.

This is the end of the story. It is time to take back the right to tell our story, the truth. This can’t be an underground movement, we can not continue to teach our children that they descended from apes. It is time to change our curriculum, and rewrite those books. We must break down the superficial barrier between races and tell the story from the beginning.

Now we can all tell our own Story, and the truth will finally set us free.