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Our Story is a revolutionary revision of history, which integrates the biblical sources with their secular counterparts, to create a full picture of the cultural, political and ethnic issues of the ancient world. The story begins with the geological location of Eden and then uses genetic and linguistic science to interpret the division of races from the Tower of Babel. The reader is transported step by step through the eras of past civilizations to encounter the actual people telling the story. We can see what they looked like and examine their descriptions of those they encounter. From this angle we can trace the rise and fall of civilizations as it persistently correlates to immigration and the changes in language and dialect which correspond to new populations. This systematic and thoroughly guided tour of our past, leaves little doubt that the current population in Egypt speak Arabic because they are not the original Egyptians, like Italians who do not speak the original Latin or Americans who have never heard of a Native American dialect. This change of language as it corresponds to the new invading population is an actual fact of history which has been ignored. Webster’s dictionary, is one example of how simple terms have been altered to tell a different story. In the original pre-emancipation dictionaries a “Moor” was a black North African, today a Neo-Darwinian world has forced the alteration of these terms to validate a theory of a world emerging from the African Abyss. Beyond language, genetics and historical descriptions, there is prophecy which indicates that we are the generation equipped to put all the pieces back together. And when we do His-story becomes Our Story and the long awaited emancipation of the African identity.
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8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm) Full Color Bleed on White paper 128 pages
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