The Negus

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Since the beginning of the nineteenth century, a small group of bandits have successfully held this nation hostage, by sewing division into the American story. Throughout the history of this nation, it didn’t matter who won the war, those responsible for recording the events, would simply cut certain scenes out. Thus much of the story has never been told. In an effort to combat the rising tide of bigotry about them, Blacks started to keep their own records and tell their own stories; but even this effort aided the usurpers in cementing their version. Black history simply became a segregated tale of otherness, a collection of facts disconnected from the established version of their American story. If it were to continue a century into the future, our predecessors would see themselves as evolving from one chain to another. From slavery to mass incarceration, and new forms of slavery all under the rule of the dominant white supremacist. If time is a simple story then it matters who is telling it. The pillars of every civilization have been raised on the ability of a people to tell their story. More than money, or any possession, wisdom is of greatest value. This knowledge is so powerful, that it has been guarded by a select few, like the access code to a bank account, and this book reveals the details of what was previously unknown.

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